September 2013

Hello Friends,
Once again we thank you for your faithfulness. We have much to be thankful for and we have listed a number of them in our attached letter. However, I want to share with you one prayer request.

Our partner, the Ministry for Christian Development (MCD) has been in the process of building a conference center on their property for the past two years. They are anxious to complete this project and begin using it for ministry and income-generating projects. In order to complete it, we need a minimum of six Service and Learning Teams to come down and join us in this venture. So far we have one team that is definitely coming. Would you be interested in supporting the ministry of MCD in this way?


You would have opportunity to get your hands dirty and work hard alongside Haitian construction workers involved in our ministries, be a witness to those around you, visit the Christian Reformed Church's work in Haiti, enjoy the beautiful Caribbean country of Haiti, and learn a new language and culture.

Please write us for more information on MCD and the possibilities of putting a team together with your church or several churches together. And pray that God will send workers to complete this project! If you as an individual or family are interested, find some friends and join together or send us a note and we could possibly match you with other individuals who are interested in coming down.

If you are unable to put together a team, but would like to support this project, please send a gift to CRWM including the number, 805820. A financial gift could move the construction along quickly as well.

Thank you in advance and enjoy this pdf of our praise letter.

Howard and Ruth Van Dam and Family


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You can be a part of Howard and Ruth's work. They can be helped by your prayers and interest and financial support if you are led to help in that way. They would deeply appreciate your involvement in their lives.

Their mailing address is Address:

3503 Hickory Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508.

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