15 July 2014

The last two months were like a marathon...we knew the clock was ticking and our "to-do" list kept lengthening. By the grace of God, we were ready to climb on to the airplane on June 16.


We really had to keep moving, but we also had some events that helped us bring a sense of completion of our time in Haiti. The Sous Espwa team helped organize a farewell gathering for us and the partner organizations. It was an enjoyable time to reflect on what we have gone through and how God has been present through it all. We realized that many of our friends in Haiti have a good memory and don't easily forget the things we have done together. We will always remember these "co-laborers" in the gospel. They were the ones who taught us so much, who encouraged us, who were forgiving, who were so faithful to the tasks before them, who loved us and accepted us. This departure was indeed a bitter sweet experience in the sense that it was hard to say goodbye to these friends and it was sweet because we don't always take time to express all that these people have meant to us.

We already miss being in Haiti. In may ways our hearts will remain there for some time to come. We entrust God to continue to care for these good friends. Sometimes we need a good push to take the next step. With the realization that our time was fast coming to a close, we began to prepare for this transition. For example, we had a large quantity of hand
tools that had been donated to World Missions after the earthquake. As World Renew continue their work in Leogane, the epicenter of the earthquake, we helped organize several tool sales with the farmer associations. We respect people when we treat them with dignity. These tools will help them to meet the needs of them and their families.

With the recent interest in promoting alternative energies and new stove designs, the "baton" was passed to Michel Demonsthene, a good friend, who has helped Howard the past year as they experimented and designed stoves. Please remember to pray for Michel and all the others who are continuing to minister in Haiti. The challenges that they face are real and at times may seem overwhelming. Thank you for for continued prayers for Sous Espwa and our partner organizations. You are part of the transformation of lives.


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