June 2014

Hello Family and Friends,

We made it! Or at least we made it to our first destination of New Berlin, NY. Since mid May when we put on our first sale, it has been non-stop at our home in Port-au-Prince. Sorting, decision making, selling, packing, giving away, farewell gatherings, last times, goodbye hugs, tears, and many prayers.

Decisions like how low are we willing to go on our TV? Who will take our dog? How do we say goodbye to the market ladies that served us for over 20 years? Do we take the fragile ceramic plates and bowls that were made by hand in Haiti, do we put them in the boxes to be shipped, in our luggage, sell them, or give them away?

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April 30, 2014

God is leading us to experience and serve him in new ways and new places. Twenty-three years ago God led us on an adventure that brought us to life and service in Haiti with Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM). For the past few years we have felt God's nudges and pushes to take a new leap of faith. And so we have decided it is our time to return to the United States and not renew our contract with CRWM.

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