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Atkins' Archives - July 2014

Hey everyone!

I hope all of you are having a great summer! We are thankful for a cooler summer this year as it makes it much easier to work and enjoy life in our apartment. There were several days last summer when we felt like we were working in a sweatbox! We enjoyed our very informative visit to Germany with the European Leadership Affinity Team as we went on a Reformation Tour and had the privilege of having our cousins come for a visit from Phoenix to see us in Bratislava last month!

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Atkins' Archives - May 2014

Dear family and friends,

It was SO GOOD to see and talk to many of our family members and friends while we were on vacation during the month of May! We're also so grateful for the beautiful additions to our family, namely Summer, and her parents, Robin and Pam! Trey did his calculations and we went 2,500 miles by car and 13,000 miles by air. Whew!

Ryan's graduation class was the largest in California Baptist University (CBU) history, and Ryan and Summer's wedding was just beautiful and perfect! It was in a gorgeous, Southern California outdoor setting with a sunflower theme and had so many touches that displayed their unique and winsome personalities! We also had the privilege of spending time in Newport Beach with Trey's parents, San Diego with cousins, as well as Napa Valley, San Francisco, and Muir Woods with our sons.

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Atkins' Archives - March/April 2014

I'm sorry we didn't get a newsletter to you in March but, once you read this one, you will understand why as we have had lots happening on the Atkins front!  We have been doing lots of traveling visiting our colleagues in Central Europe as well as attending meetings in relation to our job.  It is often so encouraging to hear how our colleagues are building into the lives of those God has called them to reach for the gospel as well as seeking to encourage their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to extend His Kingdom where they live.

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April 28, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Please pray for us over the coming weeks as we head off for America in the morning. We will get a proper newsletter out in a few days, but wanted you to know that we travel all day tomorrow and will spend about 3 weeks in California before going to Texas and Oklahoma.
A few little things on the agenda: Ryan's graduation on May 3rd, Ryan's wedding on May 17th, visiting Bret's new college in Marshall, TX, and visiting lots of loving family members in between.
Thanks for your prayers and support. We are doing great, the work is going well, and we are so excited about the upcoming weeks with loved ones.
In His Love,
Trey and Elise

March 9, 2014

Dear friends and family,

 Spring is almost here, winter really never came, and we are very glad about that!  It seems that Europe had hardly any winter and America got hit really hard!!  However, in early February Elise experienced a severe ice storm and nationwide power failures in Slovenia while she was there helping to lead a Grip-Birkman Team Build.  News sources said,  'A disastrous ice storm in early February has caused some 194 million euros (267 million U.S. dollars) to Slovenia's forests, and sustained120 million euros (164 million U.S. dollars)in damage to infrastructure.'  It truly was like ice skating and we had to put on crampons to walk from our hotel to our colleagues' home!  February ended with Trey preaching and teaching a business seminar and Elise leading prayer and Grip Birkman coaching and team building sessions at the Nordic Cluster meeting in Malaga, Spain!  To put it mildly, these were quite the extremes in weather!

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Atkins' Archives - January 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

Please remember Elise today and tomorrow as she is in Slovenia meeting with the team there.

We had great Christmas and New Year's celebrations, although we missed being with our sons and extended families. God's grace in sufficient! We did have a nice surprise, however, when we were visited by Trey's brother and girlfriend on December 29-30th! Our holidays were very eclectic with a Swedish/Brazilian Christmas Eve with our neighbors, an American Christmas Eve and Christmas with our colleagues, and a Slovak New Year's Day with friends from our church!

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