May 2017

It has been quite awhile since I sent out an email update. I have preferred snail mail. So for those of you who have not received any news from me... get me your snail mail address!

The big news is that after 30 years, I no longer work for New Tribes Mission! Don't panic - I'm still a missionary. I'm now working for Ethnos360. Who or what is that? Well, it's the NEW New Tribes!

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April 2016

I am long overdue in writing an email update, especially for those of you who are not signed up to receive a snail-mail letter. I hope this will help you understand what God is doing in my life and ministry.

Imagine, if you will, that a friend comes to you and asks for your help to organize, proofread and format a 200-page book. Sure, you say. Here's the catch - It's in German. Okay, so maybe you know a few words and phrases in German, but you're not exactly fluent. How tough is that project going to be?

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You can be a part of Allison's ministry. She would appreciate your prayers and your financial support if you feel led to help in that way.

Address: 521 S. Western Ave, Neenah WI 54956

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