December 2013

I wanted to write you all one last time this year to thank you for your prayers and support, your friendship and love. I was on a road trip from Oct 9 - Nov 20. Here is a list of some of the highlights:

  • Travel time: 42 days
  • Miles (km) traveled: 8,550+ (13,750+ km)
  • $ for gas: approx. $1100 
  • States & Provinces visited: 16
  • Sites visited: Green Gate Bridge (Vancouver), Redwood Forest, Golden Gate Bridge, Hwy 1, Sea Lion Caves, Grand Canyon & Sedona, Window Rock & met a real living Navajo Codetalker from WWII, Bridge to nowhere (Omaha version)
  • Mean custom agents encountered: 1 Canadian lady
  • Bald Eagles seen in the wild: 2
  • Families and friends visited: 50 - every one of them precious!
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October 2013

The Transition: “Life Without Allison”

After 12 years of serving at the Brickyard, it was finally time to pass the proverbial baton. We had taught chronologically through the Bible several times during the first 9 years, and in July I wrapped up the last of the doctrinal lessons, representing the past 3 years of teaching. I gave the people the best foundation I could. I’ve tried to meet their physical and medical needs, to encourage and comfort them, to empower them to improve their lives. I want to point them to the Lord who enables me to serve them. Yet many were looking to me instead of to God, and it became time for me to step out of the picture. Now Vanessa and her friends, along with Jerusalem Church, will lead this small struggling flock. They are already beginning to take the first steps of independent responsibility by working together, pooling their resources, and serving one another. PRAY FOR CONTINUED GROWTH!

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