December 2015

No "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year" from me.

Not because I'm a Scrooge. Sure, I'd love for you all to be "happy," but I realize that many of you are struggling with health or family matters or finances. I have over 20 friends who have lost loved ones this year, and going through this Christmas with that emptiness is going to be difficult, not "merry."

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October 3, 2015

Hello, dear ones! It's been awhile. I'm discovering a couple things about myself this year:

1. Now that I'm a half century old, I don't accept and deal with change and new things as well as I did years ago. Sealed

2. Technology has complicated our world, it interrupts relationships, rather than enhancing them (with a few exceptions). I can't keep up with all the thousands of way to communicate with people, and each person has their favorite way!

It's been ages since my last EMAIL update, and for those who don't receive my postcards or letters, I feel like I should write a book for you about all that has passed. But then I know you wouldn't read it. So I'll break down the last few months in bullets for you.

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