September 2015


I'm just a tumblin' tumbleweed...


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June 2015

Allison finally has some plans!

Well, actually, my plans are already being put into action!

Thanks for all of your prayers over the past year for guidance and direction from the Lord in my life. I can definitely see His hand leading me through the darkness, one step at a time, not revealing too much ahead of time.

I returned to Chihuahua Mexico in early March in Part 1 of my return to the field. I got my house set up, got papers for my American vehicle, and talked to my field leaders about what I should be trying to accomplish. We decided i would pursue taking a Tarahumara language course offered by Pioneers missionaries in a nearby city, Cuauhtemoc. (If you don't speak Spanish, don't even bother trying to pronounce some of these names! Just call this one Kwow.)

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You can be a part of Allison's ministry. She would appreciate your prayers and your financial support if you feel led to help in that way.

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