April 6, 2014

Greetings all!

Wow, what a ride we have been on for these past two and a half weeks - We have visited a total of 8 different villages and three different language groups! It was a special blessing to be back in Wana for a good chunk of that time where we held a Bible conference for our tribal believers teaching out of “Revelation” and giving challenge and encouragement to them. After the conference we spent time visiting in four other Wana villages. I think it might have been us who received the biggest blessing as we spent time with them and hearing what what God was doing in each of their lives.


I was reminded once again of Paul’s words to the Philippians when he referred to them as his “joy and crown” – what a blessing to be with them. Last Thursday as we were getting to depart in the helicopter from one of our most remote villages the pilot informed us that the “metal chip detector light” for the tail rotor was lit up which is not a good sign. He informed us that it could mean a hike out but thank the Lord after checking it out we found it was a false alarm and we were able to continue on with our trip. From there we continued on to another of our tribal teams where we spent two days. We are back in town now for 5 days where we will wait for the national elections to get over and then on Thursday will be headed back into another tribal group for a few days. I want you to know that both Jeanne and I have REALLY appreciated your prayers.

Blessings to you all,
Ed & Jeanne

Grandma “Tae” on the right – the former shaman who has now trusted Christ.


An elderly gentleman we met for the first time who is still unclear on the gospel but very interested.


One of our believers who supplements his living by selling crafts.  Here he is sporting his newly made “Kus-Kus” hat.

My  “Leatherman Super Tool” payed for itself today!!



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