February 15, 2016

Greetings all!

Well just two weeks before I depart our little village of Litchfield, Nebraska and begin the long journey to the Asia Pacific Islands. It hardly seems possible that time is already upon me once again. For the past month our Wana co-workers and I have been busy working on doing a fairly extensive comprehension check on the Exodus translation as we work toward preparing it for a final check. With the 14 hour time difference we have to work mornings and evenings during hours in which we are awake on both sides of the world Smile. We are getting close to the end and hoping to have it finished sometime this week as we really want to complete it before I depart. We have been thankful to the Lord for good internet connections and very few dropped calls as we work on this via “Skype”.


We praise the Lord that my visa entry permit has been issued and I now have my passport back in hand with the proper visa stamped in. We also want you to praise the Lord with us that my financial needs for this next trip have also been met so I am all set to go in that regard. Thank each of you so much for praying, and please know that your prayers have been answered. Our God is definitely “Jehovah-Jireh” or as translated into the Wana language “Yawe-Yire” and we thank Him for meeting this need.
I am often referring to our Wana co-workers. Their families are continually changing as their kids grow older and we have added one more family to our team about a year and a half ago. These families are heavily involved in Bible translation, Bible lesson development, leaders in the church in town, and teaching of over 60 young people who are attending high school and college there in the provincial capital. As you pray for us I know they would appreciate your prayers too.


Ed n Jeanne Casteel

The “Kaku” family, (Miyanto, Rone, and children Terry, Timmy)

The “Panius” family, (Esron, Nita, and children Gebby, Shela, and Mia – the little one in front)

The “Bowa” family, (Riben, Annie, and their children – Nova, Gideon, and Kriska) They are the newest members of our team.


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