September 2, 2016

Dear Ministry Partners,

We trust this letter finds you well and that you are enjoying this Labor Day weekend which will mark the formal end of summer and mark the beginning of my next trip out to Asia Pacific. My plans will be to depart here on September 7 and then fly out of Lincoln early on the morning of September 8. My trip will once again take me to Chicago with a couple of hours layover then a long 13 hour flight to Tokyo followed by another 7 hour flight on down to Asia Pacific. We will appreciate your prayers for the six weeks I will be gone and for Jeanne and the kids as they hold the fort here on this end.

It was a happy day for us as on August 12 we drove down to Omaha to pick up Geoff and Tina (our kids) as they flew in from Peru, South America for their “home assignment." They plan to be in the USA for about 6 months, living a good chunk of that time here with us in Nebraska. We have had a GREAT time of reconnecting with them. Last week we were able to take some days off and go camping and fishing. Grandpa Casteel joined us for much of this time and it was like old times once again as we searched for all the fish that were “supposed” to be somewhere there in that big lake. Even though we didn’t catch many we all agreed it was still fun and just great to be together again. And of course Jeanne is looking forward to having them here keeping her company during the six weeks while I am away.

The helicopter has been down most of the month for one of its “big” inspections, plus our pilot had to come back to flight headquarters here in the USA for meetings as well. The inspection is now finished with plans to fly into the village of “Oak Tree” next week. On this flight they will be taking in the motor for their outrigger canoe which will give the missionary team transportation down to the coastal towns and county seat. The team along with help from the Wana churches has been able to get things pretty well set up and they now have plans to begin formal teaching soon. A number of families there have already expressed an interest in studying the Word so we can all be praying that it won’t be long before the people there will come to an understanding of the Gospel and accept Jesus as their Savior.

My co-worker Steve Rosengren and I have spent much of our month studying, making handouts, and getting ready for the Wana Bible conference which we will hold the last week in September. Our plans are to study the first three chapters of 1Timothy. This month Steve’s wife Linda was also able to finish the rough draft on the last of the Old Testament Scripture portions which we had planned to translate. With that we plan to spend another week in Wana doing some recording and checking on these passages. Reading through the translated Scripture and then having them repeat what we said into a recorder is one of the important checks we always do and then this is followed by comprehension and read checks not to mention checking it all back to the original to make sure we haven’t added or left something out. This all takes a lot of time but we hope to be able to the final check on all of these Scriptures some time next year.

We thank you again for being a faithful part of our team. We want you to know that this job of expanding the reach of the gospel in Asia Pacific would be impossible without folks like you on our team. We really appreciate your support through your prayers and gifts so that others can hear the gospel and have Scripture and Bible lessons translated into their language. Thank you so much!


Ed & Jeanne Casteel


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