November 2016

Dear Fellow Co-laborers,

We thank you for your prayers for all of us as I have been gone to Asia Pacific for much of the past two months. There has definitely been a climate change since I have been gone Smile

The month of September started off with a bit of a scare as Jeanne’s mom had a fall in her apartment which resulted in a nasty cut on her head, and then while in the ER she passed out on us. This landed her in the hospital for four days as they wanted to make sure it wasn’t related to her heart. Everything checked out fine and she was released from the hospital the day before I was to leave for the airport. Jeanne spent the night with her and then the following day she and the kids took me to Lincoln to catch my flight to the Asian Pacific Islands.

My schedule there was full, taking me not only to our own tribal ministry but also making consultant visits with many other missionary teams. One of my trips took me to a distant island (a four hour Kodiak flight) for the very first time. It was really great to visit this missionary team and to see how the Lord has been using them to bring the gospel to this needy people. By the way that four hour flight would have probably taken at least four days over land and sea...thank the Lord for the mission plane!

We were then able to spend nearly two weeks in our own “Wana” tribal ministry. The first week was spent in a Bible conference with a church packed full of people for all the main meetings. It was a blessing to all of us as we studied from 1 Timothy chapters 1-3. Then the second week we spent working on checking Old Testament translation, checking all of our Old Testament passages from Numbers to the end of the Old Testament which correspond to our Old Testament chronological lessons. The first check was to read this through verse by verse and have them then repeat into a recorder what they just heard. From that corrections were made and then we took that revised draft and along with four translation helpers went back through all these Scriptures doing what we call a “comprehension check”, again reading it to them verse by verse, having them repeat it back to us, and then asking them detailed questions about what they heard to make sure it is communicating properly to them. We are thankful that we were able to complete these two checks during our time there and will now be able to proceed on with some other checks which must be done before the final check - yes it is slow tedious work, but necessary as we are reminded in the last chapter of Revelation the importance of not adding or subtracting from God’s Word.

I do a lot of church planting consultant work during each of my trips to various missionary teams, and also with church leadership. As our consultant team made our rounds we found many teams facing challenges and discouragement. We were very thankful we could come along side them and offer encouragement, but it did remind us that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Many of these teams are nearing completion of their language and culture study and nearly ready to begin teaching the gospel and it was obvious that the devil is doing all he can to thwart their ministries.

We thank the Lord for another safe and profitable trip and needless to say it was great getting back to Jeanne and the kids upon my arrival home on October 18. Thank you so much for your prayers and being a part of our team. We appreciate all you do to make it possible for others like the “Wana” to hear the gospel and have the Word of God translated into their language.


Ed & Jeanne Casteel


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