November 29, 2016

Greetings all,
Years ago back in the 1980’s some of the Wana whom we had gone to minister totally rejected the gospel and moved away from our village so they could continue to practice their old cultural ways in peace. “Bue” (grandfather) was one of those, however his kids did not reject the Savior and have been praying and trying to encourage him to listen to the gospel for years. Two of his boys have been serving the Lord as missionaries in two different areas. Below is a letter one our flight personnel wrote about “Bue” who was recently flown out to town for medical help.

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November 2016

Dear Fellow Co-laborers,

We thank you for your prayers for all of us as I have been gone to Asia Pacific for much of the past two months. There has definitely been a climate change since I have been gone Smile

The month of September started off with a bit of a scare as Jeanne’s mom had a fall in her apartment which resulted in a nasty cut on her head, and then while in the ER she passed out on us. This landed her in the hospital for four days as they wanted to make sure it wasn’t related to her heart. Everything checked out fine and she was released from the hospital the day before I was to leave for the airport. Jeanne spent the night with her and then the following day she and the kids took me to Lincoln to catch my flight to the Asian Pacific Islands.

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