November 27, 2012

Dear Co-Laborers,

Last week it seemed everyone was saying “It doesn’t seem it is already time for Thanksgiving."  We kind of  feel that way too and wonder where the autumn has gone, realizing that winter will be just around the corner.  We do trust that you were able to have a special time with family and friends this past Thanksgiving weekend.  It seems so many have forgotten the real reason for the season and instead of it being a time of Thanksgiving it has become a day of “things” with black Friday now turning into black Thursday as well. 

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November 5, 2012

Greetings all,

This past Friday morning was my normal “skype schedule” for talking with our Wana co-workers.  The helicopter was supposed to be going into the Wana tribe on Friday morning so I asked Esron if it worked out for the helicopter to make the scheduled trip.  Esron then explained to me that it didn’t work out for the helicopter to go in as it was down for repairs.


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