August 2013

Hullo everyone! We have been in Western Australia since Saturday 20th July, two and a half weeks ago.

Firstly, thank you for praying concerning our medevac insurance claims.

Praise the Lord with us! The insurance company agreed to pay for Bill's medevac although they refused to pay for my medevac. The Lord undertook so that the funds received were sufficient to pay the debt for both flights. We just received the monthly statement from the bookkeeping office in PNG revealing that our account is in the BLACK again after our being in debt to the rest of the field for 6 months. What a relief!

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June 2013

Once again we have much to thank the Lord for.  We are safely settled at Tree Tops Lodge in Cairns.  We managed to get everything packed up by the end of last night.  Then we were in to the hangar before the appointed time of 7 a.m.   We got away and down to Port Moresby where we were held up for quite a while before the immigration people were ready to check our departure forms and passports and then to have the plane fueled.  So we were away just after 10:30 for the 2 hour and 20 minute flight to Cairns.

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