March 10, 2013

Dear Ones,

We have lived all these years in "the land of the unexpected".  Well now, it seems we have become "people of the unexpected".

On Saturday 2nd March, after having been sick for 3 weeks, I was medically evacuated to Cairns, Australia, just as Bill had been in January.  My kidneys were functioning at only about 20% of their normal function.  Bill was able to come with me and Trevor and Estelle Burns our friends and co-workers of NTM PNG Cairns Assist opened their home to Bill.

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January 2013

We have learned that some of our prayer warriors have been worrying about our health because they had not heard from us for quite a while. We do apologise for that. We are well and are enjoying what the Lord gives us to do each day. The days have been full once again since I returned from the five weeks I spent in Cairns getting medical help in August and September. We are presently staying with the tribal team in North Waghi up near Banz in W.H.P. [for anyone who wishes to explore on a map.] We came up for a vacation on 17th December and tomorrow will return to Sobega.

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