November 18, 2014

Dear Friends,

I guess it has been awhile since I wrote. Life has been busy, especially with family get togethers. In Mid-October we had a wonderful family Christmas. A big roast dinner and gift exchange with all 27 or us here. Many birthdays to celebrate and we are using any excuse to spend time with Bryan, Renee and 5 children before they return to Alaska. The countdown has begun. Earlier this month, we celebrated Heidi-anne’s 21st birthday with a delightful “High Tea”… this weekend, we are celebrating Bryan’s 40th birthday, and Robbie Jayelle’s 16th birthday, then we have an “Open House” all afternoon, for people to come and say "Good Bye” to the Morris family who fly out the next day. The same week is James’ 22nd birthday. How grateful I am for my family, who have been constantly in my life and helping will my days.

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August 11, 2014

Dear praying friends,

I know this is long overdue, which could mean this could become an epistle instead of a note…

I was laying abed ‘thinking’ – it is 33 years today, when Doug and I were in our village home, and I went into labour with our youngest, Roxanne. Doug had a deep gash on his foot, from an injury sustained in the village, PLUS he had gone to bed the night before with an attack of malaria, when I announced around 3.30am that my waters had broken!! As with everything before him, Doug “rose to the occasion” and delivered Roxanne safely, albeit that she was breach, and the cord broke before her head delivered. Dr Doug managed EVENTUALLY to get the baby to breathe, and we continually thank the Lord for His undertaking.

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