October 22, 2012

Dear praying friends,

Please forgive me for taking SO-o-o-o-o long to let you all know that Doug and I arrived home safely – YES… it is a week ago!!

We had a WONDERFUL time away, and thank the Lord for all He did to make the time so special, and for being able to be productive in Wewak, in helping to revise/compile the 3 primers, 3 readers and work on 3 library books in the less than 2 weeks we had to work with two Owininga believers, and Hope Sharp our Sepik Literacy Consultant, who went over and beyond to see everything go ahead so quickly, with great pictures, and Nobi Kennell who is typing up the teacher’s manual.  We were blessed too, by all the ladies who cooked and served great meals to Doug and I, and the Owininga language helpers.  We are also VERY grateful to Jason and Toni Stuart for their love and vision to work with and encourage the Owininga church and other churches which continue to serve Him and live for Him in their isolated villages.  Sometime in the new year, Jason is planning on heading into the Owininga and taking the new literacy materials with him, and doing a teacher training course.

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September 26, 2012

Dear praying friends,

          Greetings from Lapilo, the centre where Rhesa, Bobby and girls live.  We have already been here for 5 full days, and it has taken that long for us to move all our email addresses from a Word document on an USB and retype them all onto Bobby’s computer.  (Thank you Bobby).  We made the decision NOT to carry a computer with us, which has had its draw backs, but I was quite thankful to have one less item to care for as we travelled.

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