August 2016

Dear friends and family,

                Well, I have actually been home for nearly 2 weeks…  it has been COLD…  and I don’t function TOO well when it is so cold!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed and made the most of the 100 degrees F I experienced in the States, knowing I was coming back to a cold winter.

                I do thank the Lord for travelling mercies..   a number of unforeseen things happened…  like the plane out of Sydney being 6 hours late into Dallas, and therefore we all missed out connecting flights, and I was ONLY on standby (with American Airlines), the next morning,  while the Bagley family had a confirmed flight on Delta..   leaving from different terminals…  and arriving at different terminals in Detroit…   and travelling without a telephone..  yes, it was interesting, but all ended well.

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April 21, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, back in the West….. last night the girls and I had dinner together, thinking of our dear husband and father who was promoted to heaven two years ago.

The flight from Cairns to Perth, Tuesday night, was FULL… and I was in the very last row… quite ‘squished’… but we arrived home safely, and always thankful to have my feet on ‘terra firma’… and Rhesa was there at the airport to meet and greet me… and had my car in the parking lot to drive myself home.

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