April 2013

Our Dear Friends,

We had this update written about a week ago, but before we could finish it, several events have taken us away from getting it complete.  These events have been significant enough that we want to include them in this letter, so that you can pray with us.  Rich’s mom had a bad fall in our home that caused her to have a concussion and a small hemorrhage on her brain.  She spent most of the week in the hospital, and then was transferred to a rehab facility for further care.  Doctors say that with time the blood will dissipate back into the tissues of the body, and she should be fine.  Please pray for her recovery, and that she can be a testimony of Christ to those who care for her.  Her name is Evelyn.

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September 26, 2012

Our Provisionary God

Hello Friends

Since our last writing to you, we have seen our provisionary God supply all that we need – and so much more.  Thank you for praying for the many requests mentioned earlier; in this epistle we will tell of God’s answering of those prayers.


I am scheduled to depart US soil this Friday for the long trip back to PNG.  I will stay 3 weeks in that country, and then return to the US in time to rejoin my family for our oldest son’s (Jordan) birthday.  While in PNG, I am looking forward to spending time with the Bena believers in fellowship, in discipleship, and in formal times of teaching from God’s Word.  Part of our time around God’s Word will be spent comprehension checking my Romans translation, as well as reading and studying Romans together.

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