October 2013

Hello Our Praying Friends

We would like to give you a brief update, and to request that you pray with us.

As most of you know, we have been in the States for over a year living in Kansas City, Mo taking care of my aging mother and working on Bena translation. If you have been following our updates over that time frame, you know that I was able to finish up the Romans translation, write the remaining Bible lessons to accompany that translation, make a trip to PNG to encourage the Bena church & to do comprehension checking in Romans, and more recently I completed the initial draft of the Book of Ephesians. But also in that time, I was required to meet many of my mother’s needs. At times, caring for her hindered my potential progress in translation, so I have not been able to make sufficient strides forward in that endeavor. We do not regret making the decision to care for my mom, and in fact we are thankful for this opportunity to serve her. We are also thankful for this time of growing and stretching as God challenges us in new ways to walk by faith and not by sight. These lessons are not always enjoyable ones, but are profitable for His purpose in our lives, which is conforming us to the wonderful image of Christ.

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August 2013

Dear Friends and Family, 

                                                        FAMILY UPDATE

The past several months have been eventful ones for us here in Missouri. Several of the events were unexpected, but nevertheless came from the hand of a sovereign and loving God. My mom returned to our home after a 2 month stay in a rehab facility following a fall in early April. With that return came the realization that her health has deteriorated to the point of needing to be in a wheelchair, and her dementia is more pronounced. Before she could return, we had to make the house wheelchair accessible, which meant I poured a sidewalk and built a ramp at the entrance, and I replaced the carpet with hardwood flooring in the living room, hallway, and her bedroom. We also sold her house during that time, so we had to spend some time getting that house ready for sale. Since her return to our home, we have also elicited the assistance of a home health company to come help care for my mom. The initial efforts to get all of that work organized and completed took up a good chunk of my time for the past 2 months, but now as a result we have more freedom in our daily lives which enable me to spend more time in translation work, and for Dawn to spend more time in her many responsibilities. We are thankful for the Lord’s continued guidance and provision.

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