December 2016

Hallow everyone,

We do hope you all have a wonderful Christmas as you remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and why He came to us as a baby, with us once more.

Monday was the day we chose to do the most of our Christmas shopping in town and what a fun day it turned out to be. There were 5 adults in our Suzi, and not a lot of space left for the shopping. So David took the spare tyre out of the back. The size of our tyres makes this a fairly big job, but it does give us some more space. Now we had about a ½-meter space the width of the car for the shopping for 3 families. We were off and left here at 7.30 am. First stop the fruit and veg market. Only 2 of us had shopping to do here, our single lady friend only had one item so I got that for her along with our stuff. I love market shopping because most of the sellers are PNG ladies, and love to see me coming, a lot of them are Bena Bena speakers and love to get me using their language with them, the little I can. So I never can get this shopping done quickly because there are so many to greet as we go. Our other friends husband got theirs done and saw me loaded down, so got theirs to the car and came and carried my bags for me so I could get it done quicker. Not sure that helped a lot, but my load sure was lighter.

The problem with going to the market first is that we had to keep taking our fruit and vegs out so they didn’t get crushed with the other shopping. But we need to do the market shopping before it gets too busy with the heaps of buses that come there a little later on. The traffic gets to be a huge problem then.

Then we had 4 grocery stores to get to, they sell other things too. But I was shopping for our village families Christmas food as well as ours. Yes, I can hear you say,” Are you crazy or what!!” With all the other families shopping too. But we did it. As usual I only had space to put my feet in the front and had a box and parcels piled up all around me on the floor in the front, to try and leave a bit more space in the back. Our last store was the most fun, they have the most foods that we needed for ourselves, as well as the tinned fish for the village family, I needed 12 tins of that too. When we came out of the store two PNG men followed me with 2 boxes of food. Our friends in the car were really wondering now, so I pulled everything out from the floor in the front and put the biggest box in there, then piled all the other stuff on top of it. The smaller one did fit under things in the back when they were taken out and put on top of it.

So our shopping piled up higher than the back seat, just as well we had 3 sets of shoulders and 3 heads to hold it in place a bit. We all came home very pleased as we had found nearly everything that was on our shopping list. How wonderful to find some dates. When you make finds like that you buy more than one packet, because it may be a long time before you see them again. Also some Black and Gold gingernuts for just $2 a packet, a real find, so we got 2 of them. Our US friends bought 4 packets, guess they really like them.

Do hope you have enjoyed just a little of the fun we had shopping on Monday. David and I plan to do it again, alone this time, on Monday of next week. Our last chance before Christmas. Also hope you are able to make more special memories of the Lord and His love and provision for us, as we are, this year.

With love from

Dave and Wendy

Lee, Dave & Wendy


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