Christmas 2016

We pray that had an enjoyable Christmas as you remember the birth of our saviour. But don’t forget the rest of the story. He came to give His life for us.


We are gearing up for Christmas. We will have quite a crowd here for Christmas dinner. All chipping in to help of course. David has been working on a present for Wendy, a rocking chair Smile.

Yesterday David took a young couple up the Benabena Valley to have a look at the area. They went up as far as the road went, but the further they went up the worse the road got until David had to put the vehicle into four wheel drive. In some places the road was washed out and in other places the road was about to slide into the river. And lots of mud of course.

They enjoyed talking with the people and looking at the our new house that the people built for us at Koropa. After Christmas David will make a door for the house then take it up and install it. Our family up there are really looking forward to us being able to stay a night or two with them occasionally. We went up last Wednesday and them their Christmas presents, a small packet of biscuits each and rice and fish for the families.

Well have a happy Christmas season!

David and Wendy

Lee, Dave & Wendy


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