January 19, 2017

At last we slept in our new house built for us at Koropa.  On Tuesday we packed as much as we could in our Suzuki and headed up to Koropa.  We called in at Goroka and bought a carton of meat and some frozen chickens for a mumu that we had for the Koropa people for building the house for us.  We had difficulty finding space for it in the vehicle.  We arrived up there about 9 AM and started unloading and setting up house.  We had the mumu in the afternoon then that night it was a bit like camping because we couldn’t fit enough in the vehicle to set up the house properly.  In the morning we got up and found the family sitting around a fire frying potato chips for breakfast.  They have been growing potatoes and selling them to the kai bars (small fast food places) in town so they had plenty of potatoes.  In the morning the family worked on the house to make it more livable.



David has been checking the Bible lessons with the people up there as the language is slightly different than it is in the Lower Bena area where we first taught them.  This family hasn’t heard the gospel yet so we are praying that these lessons will be used to reach them with the gospel soon.  He has also been going to Katagu Thursdays to work on translation with the believers there.  So things are getting busy here.


With love from

David and Wendy

Lee, Dave & Wendy


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