December 2015

Dear friends and family

We are praying that you all have a wonderful Christmas as you spend time together remembering the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and all He has done for us. Some of you, like us, won’t have so many family members as you did have in years gone by. But when we and they love the Lord it is very special to remember them. We are glad that the Lord has given us memories to enjoy the special family members and friends who we have known and loved. This year we will be having a quiet Christmas here at hot and dry Willows Gemfields.


We received news from PNG yesterday afternoon that our work permit applications have arrived there. Thank you for praying. Our government representatives will get them ready to lodge with the PNG Dept. of Labour in January when it re-opens. Then there will be the wait for the PNG Dept. of Labour to approve them.

Once they approve them we will have to send our passports to the PNG consulate in Brisbane to get visas stamped in them. After that we will book our flights to PNG so there could be a bit of a wait yet but we are getting used to thatLaughing.

With love from
David and Wendy

Lee, Dave & Wendy


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