August 11,2016

Hallo everyone,

It is wonderful to be writing to you all at last. First of all I want to thank you for praying about our connection from Moresby to Goroka. It was so good. I did have a little running around to pay for our excess weight, but even with that we were still able to sit for 10 mins waiting for the boarding call. It was fun to chat with the two ladies sitting near us. Our plane arrived on time in Goroka, surprising the folk who were picking us up. They were still on the way when it came in. As you can see it’s quite unusual to be on time.


Since we have been here we have been busy. We were hoping it would ease off a bit by the time we got here. The first surprise was that not all the things we were expecting to be here for us, weren’t. So when the offer of going through someone’s things to find what we would like to buy, second hand, came up we took the offer. The folk are not coming back to Papua New Guinea so wanted to pass their things on. The timing was wonderful for us because everyone had already had their sales for going home on Home Assignments before we arrived. We now have a lounge suite, dining room suite, and quite a few cupboards. Just hoping for a desk, and some small draws for me. We have mostly what we need for the kitchen and bed linen, a good amount of new bath towels.

We do still need curtains for our lounge room area. The lounge suite needs re-covering too, and curtains for our bedroom. Also still needing to gather a few bits and bods for the kitchen, a couple of saucepans, and measuring items for baking etc.

Our second Wednesday here David took us back out to one of the villages to catch up with the believers there. They sure were glad to see us. Mena, the older believing lady there, she may be a little younger than me, was so glad to see me that she dropped her bags and cried and held onto me. What a joy to see her and her husband again. I was always a little concerned that they may not be here, but they would have been with the Lord anyway.

We also caught up with our adopted son and his parents. He has a full beard and very tall, compared to his family. It is so good to see them all. But we do long for them to know and love the Lord too.

But then there was yesterday, our first trip back up to another village. We headed out at 6.30 and arrived there before 8 am. Most of the family were there and those who were there called out for the few who weren’t there to come, and they did. Some of the women cried over us and Sevis, our eldest son there, cooked us a dry mumu. It seemed as if nothing had changed for a while. But we sure did miss his Dad, the man who had been such a blessing to us when we lived with his family for the 8 years we did. He had died, possibly from a heart attack, when he was trying to get around and see his family. They had been scattered because of an enemy's attack on them. One of his daughters and one of his brothers actually saw him die.

It was so good to be there and doing things with them feeling so well now. It was good to walk down to the river with one of my special friends, she had a bath while I enjoyed the company of two small girls who were filling the water containers for us to carry back up to the village. On the way back up the hill she remembered I was with them and stopped to help me as she used to have to, only to find I was right there with her not needing her help. In fact I was carrying one of her bags and a water bottle myself.

It was a bit strange because I yawned my way through the day. It seems that for the first time in ages I was able to truly relax and not think about what we had to get done that day. Just sit and chat with those we loved and had missed so much. It has been a bit of a shock for our brothers and sisters at Katagu, and our family at Koropa that I am so well now. Most of them thought that we had gone down to Australia for me to die. Guess it’s not too far- fetched when we know my family history.

By the way, I am re-learning life in PNG now. While I am writing to you I have yoghurt brewing in our oven. It is wonderful to be able to make it up still. Thank you for praying with and for us,

Lots of love,

Lee, Dave & Wendy


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