September 28, 2016

Dear family and friends

Heti, Buka and Kokele came this morning for teaching on Romans. They will continue coming here to our house Wednesday mornings for these teaching sessions. This morning we did an introduction to Romans and just got started into the book. It was a good time and I (David) was encouraged by the feedback I got from them as we went through the lesson. Afterwards they checked a first draft of Romans chapter 9. They all chipped in to help the talk “cry good” (sound good to their ears).

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August 11,2016

Hallo everyone,

It is wonderful to be writing to you all at last. First of all I want to thank you for praying about our connection from Moresby to Goroka. It was so good. I did have a little running around to pay for our excess weight, but even with that we were still able to sit for 10 mins waiting for the boarding call. It was fun to chat with the two ladies sitting near us. Our plane arrived on time in Goroka, surprising the folk who were picking us up. They were still on the way when it came in. As you can see it’s quite unusual to be on time.

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