May 16, 2016

Dear friends and family,

We just received the news that our work permit applications have been granted by the PNG government. So now we are in the process of applying for visas (or entry permits as it is officially called).

On Wednesday we travelled to Rockhampton and stayed with friends then Wendy had her first eye operation. It was successful and on the 26th we have to make another trip out to have her other eye done. It looks like by the time she gets her eyes done and a month’s wait for new glasses we may have our visas for PNG and just need to book our flight!

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April 18, 2016

Dear friends and family

There has not been any progress in getting our work permit exemptions. It seems that no one at the Dept. of Labour wants to sign them. The mission has been advised to go back and try applying for work permits for us, as they were going to do before all this!

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