April 1, 2106

Dear friends and family

We finally have a date for Wendy’s eye specialist appointment. It is Saturday the 16th (two weeks from today) in Rockhampton. At this appointment it will be decided if she needs an operation on one or both of her eyes and a date will be set for that. Please pray that the Lord will give the specialist wisdom to know the best procedure. No word yet from PNG.

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March 27, 2016

Dear friends and family

This morning we went to an early morning service at the botanical gardens at Emerald. It was a challenging time as we heard about the true meaning of Easter. Easter is not about eggs and bunnies but about the Son of God who sacrificed His life for us sinners. Without the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ there could never be forgiveness for our sins. This is not something we just think about once a year but it affects our everyday lives. It is the basis of Christian living. Afterwards, we had a wonderful time of fellowship with Christian friends as we had breakfast together.

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