I was raised on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio, and during that time my family and I would attend the Catholic church. We only attended a few times a year. When I was six years old, my parents divorced. My brother and I stayed with my mother and we ended up moving close to family in North Ridgeville, Ohio. Once we were there, I began attending a Baptist Church with my cousins. I heard the gospel preached for the first time, and conviction began to set in as God was dealing with my heart about salvation. After several months of attending the church, I went to talk with the Pastor. He led me to Christ on June 30th, 1982. I was 12 years old when I put my trust in Christ.

By the age of seventeen, God had called me to preach. After high school, I entered the U.S. Air Force where I served for nine years. During that time, the Lord put me under some tremendous men of God, (Pastor Willie J. Byrd, Pastor/Missionary Bill Stewart, Pastor Stan Roach). I met my wife during my junior year in high school, in a Bible study I taught at the school. Mariann attended the class and that is where I saw her for the first time. We were married after I finished my schooling with the Air Force, and we currently have four children (Daniel, Heather, Rachel, Bethany). After I finished my time in the Air Force, I finished my Bible degree at the Independent Baptist Bible college of Alaska. (A ministry of my home church, Independent Baptist Church of Anchorage).

Mariann's testimony

I ,too, grew up on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio. My family did not attend church, but there was a period of a few years when I rode a church bus to a Baptist Sunday school. During that time, I wanted desperately to know how to get to Heaven and what the purpose of my being on this Earth was, but I never asked and never heard. One day when I was twelve years old, my dad came home from work and announced we were going to church on Sunday. He had received Christ as his Savior after reading the book, The Late Great Planet Earth. So on Sunday off we went to find a church. My dad had no idea what kind we should attend, so our first stop was an Assembly of God church. After the Sunday morning service ended, we left as quickly as possible--somehow my dad knew that was not where the Lord wanted us!

The next Sunday, we went to the next church on the same road. It was a Southern Baptist church. My dad liked this church and we stayed and joined a few weeks later. During the Sunday morning service at this church, I finally heard what I had been searching for as far back as I could remember. I heard that Jesus Christ was God's only Son sent to Earth to die for my sin. He gave Himself to be crucified, and rose again, defeating death. I was overjoyed to hear I only had to tell God that I believed what He had done for me and trust in Him to be saved. On February 29, 1983, I asked Jesus to save me while I lay in my bed at home. Such peace, happiness and assurance I had never known.

Pre-Missionary Life

I have been preaching since I was seventeen years old, and have served in many different areas of the ministry. Right after Mariann and I were married, the Air Force assigned me to Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. While there, my wife and I served on one of our church's bus routes. I was also able to preach every week at the local nursing home. During our last year in New Mexico, I served as Youth Director and Director of Evangelism at Berean Independent Baptist Church, pastored by Willie J. Byrd. The Air Force then sent me to Kunsan, Korea; and I moved my family there as well. We were there for only one year, but the Lord used this as a very fruitful training time. We served at The Haven Servicemen's Center and Baptist Church, a ministry of Brother Bill Stewart. From there, the Air Force sent me to Anchorage, Alaska, where my family and I joined the Independent Baptist Church of Anchorage, pastored by Stan Roach. While there, the Lord led me out of the Air Force, and I served as Assistant Pastor for five years at the church. I also taught the adult Sunday school class, preached in a local jail and prison every week, led the soul winning, and taught in the church's Bible College. The Lord also allowed me to receive some church planting experience during this time as well. Our church in Anchorage started another church in Homer, Alaska. My wife and I are very thankful to the Lord for all that he has allowed us to do. His mercy and grace are incredible!


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