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December 6, 2016

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update for you. My appointment yesterday went very well. Dr. Giuliano is very thorough and cautious and did quite a few different neurological tests. He also looked at all my MRI scans and carefully read through my medical report from Brisbane, so that was encouraging. After the appointment, I was sent down to get some bloodwork done in their lab. He wants to rule out every other kind of potential illness, so I had 9 vials of blood taken!!

The neurologist also wants to do another MRI since it has been 3 months since my last one. I wasn’t too surprised by that so now I’m waiting for an appointment for the MRI. Please be in prayer that I can get it sooner rather than later! Once that is complete, then they’ll schedule a follow-up appointment with the doctor and we can go from there. My neurologist was very cautious and he didn’t say much about treatments. He just reminded me that it all takes time and they just goes step by step through the process!!

While I’m very anxious to get back to Papua New Guinea and to finish off the last few books of the Mengen New Testament, I’m also really enjoying being home with family during this time. I had a wonderful time in Connecticut with my sister and her family! Now I’m back with my parents again and we’re getting ready for Christmas and some more family gatherings!

Thanks so much for your faithful prayers and encouragement.

Merry Christmas.


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