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January 13-15, 2018

Dear Friends,
Jan. 13, 2018
Thanks so much for your prayers for me! I most certainly have needed them this week! After many trials and tribulations and answers to prayer, we were able to see another 7 books completed in the Mengen language! The translation check went fairly smoothly and I will have to work out some bumps still, but all in all, it was good. My next translation check is due to start in February.

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January 2018

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year....and what a year it has been! I’m very happy to say that 2017 ended on a high note for me, as I was able to finish the Mengen New Testament on Dec. 31. Whew!! All that remains is for the final books to be checked by our mission consultants, which is still a big task, but I can safely say that we're looking at a very happy new year indeed!! To God be the glory!!

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Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas from Papua New Guinea!

The past few months have been pretty intense for me in so many ways… and it seems like Christmas has taken a very different flavor for me, kind of a culmination of the events of the year. Many joys and many heartbreaks and many long hours pouring over a few New Testament books in particular. Here a few highlights, so you can see what I mean.

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December 2017

Dear Friends,

Well, things are really starting to get exciting around here!! Today 4 Mengen men will be coming out to Hoskins to help me for the next few weeks. Lord willing it will be my last big push towards seeing the Mengen New Testament to completion. I guess it has been a bit like childbirth…very painful with many tears and stress and certainly very difficult, but the end result will be amazing!!

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November 2017

Dear Friends,

These last few weeks have been some of the most emotional and intense in my recent years!

In my last update I told you a few of the incredible miracles that the Lord is doing amongst the Mengen people. What a joy to see the fruits of our labor and to see the Mengen church following after the Lord and maturing in Him!! It was incredible to see so many young people who are hungry to hear God’s Word and to hear the book of Romans taught powerfully to 120+ people in our small village. Like I said, it was such a joyous and intense time. It was also a very exhausting time as I often worked 10 hours a day on translation. It has taken me quite awhile to “recover” from this amazing experience.

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