October 2016


September is the month Wewak usually hosts a traditional cultural sing and dance festival. It’s a much anticipated highlight which, to our chagrin, didn’t happen this year. Instead we were privileged to be spectators at other local events. Attending the ceremony celebrating PNGs 41st anniversary as an independent nation was one enjoyable
venture. The all-day drizzle did little to dampen anyone’s spirits. And who knew! The town’s Police band actually boasts bagpipes! My wee bit of Scottish blood from some 10 generations ago was highly enthused!


Another welcome adventure – the YWAM hospital ship Pacific Link has docked in Wewak for a 6 month stint in the waters around the area. The crew members are all wonderfully friendly folks and invited us for a tour. We – and the local community! -- are certainly blessed to have them here!

Meanwhile, the agony & the ecstasy on our threshold …..

varmints eating bedding and window screens and food storage containers and more window screens


at least 2 very happy campers!

After 2 years of our center being catless, and probably 100 rats killed in recent months by co-workers, some of us with more friendly feelings for felines were praying God would drop a cat from heaven on our doorstep. One Saturday morning the above pictured little mouser survived our guard dogs and showed up on my neighbor’s porch. An emergency team meeting convened around the miracle critter and though we had to return this tabby to her owners, she served her purpose. A vote was taken and thinking found to be unanimous -- a cat might be the answer to our rodent woes. We now have a kitten of our own who will be taking up residence in our supply department!!! While said kitty is still so tiny, and until all evidences of rat poison are eliminated, she will spend days having her killer instincts coached toward competence (i.e. pampered) by the afforementioned folks among us who are most friendly to felines. I rank only #2 on that list …. homeschool teacher Stephanie outranking me by miles!

But lest you think I employ my days merely with fun and frivolity – some solemn matters for your prayer:

  • We received word that Susan’s little grandson Adanaizah (from my last update) had died. Next day though, news came that he was still living! Due to being premature he suffered from bouts of apnea. The following day he had another spell and with no one nearby to stimulate him to breathe, his short life really did end. The family has taken this very well. It led to a first ever opportunity to talk one on one with Susan about her own relationship with the Lord. She has indeed grown much more aware of God and His workings on her behalf during the years she has been employed with us. Do please continue to pray for her growth in her love and understanding of our Savior Jesus and all He has done for us.
  • The Pei literacy trip was on again, off again --but now back on the calendar! Please be praying for the logistics of this jaunt. Finding a week when I am fairly free from finance duties, then co-coordinating the flights, boat trip, etc. have been impediments as intimidating as logjams on the river. The Pei team has persevered over or around these obstacles and Lord willing, 7-12th of October will have me in Pei land! It’s reassuring to know God’s plans for this journey are already determined and it WILL come about in His own perfect time and way!

  • Finance duties continue at times to be daunting BUT -- thanks to your prayers I was recently highly surprised to realize I actually enjoy the routine aspects of the ministry. Your entreaties on my behalf are still much appreciated though for the all too frequent less rote matters that present challenges to my cognitive skills – or lack thereof.
  • Our Wednesday Bible study with the local ladies who work here on our center will soon finish Paul’s letter to the Philippians. As the “grand finale” I have asked each of the ladies to take a week and prepare a lesson to share what verses from Philippians have been most helpful to them and how these truths have challenged or encouraged them in their walk with the Lord. Normally when they share, they only comment on “surface stuff” rather than delving into the meat of God’s Word. They have several weeks to prepare so please do be praying that they will dig deeper this time. Please do be praying too, for which book we should study next – which epistle most will speak to the hearts of Paula, Lisa, Rosie and Susan. During the coming 3 years I would love to see these ladies:
    1. More firmly grounded in the deep truths of God’s Word that their love for the Lord, and confidence in Him, will continue to grow
    2. That their walks with the Lord will consistently reflect Him to people God brings across their paths and that that will open doors for them to verbally share Christ in their local communities
    3. That they will be challenged, and have opportunities to lead foundational teaching Bible studies in their local settlements, eventually leading others into the meat of God’s Word as well

Thanks for being a part of all this. Your prayers and other evidences of support as so greatly appreciated! My thoughts and prayers continue for you thru the tumultuous times there. May God give His people His wisdom and discernment for the decisions ahead for America.

Co-laboring together to bring back Christ as King!

Hope Sharp


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