November 2016

Yes, it FINALLY happened! Thanks to your prayers, the literacy trip that has been on again off again since last February did indeed come about and is now history! The team of missionaries working with the Pei people is incredible! Chris & Evie Jones, Candace Swift and Justin & Laruen Rees are “young blood” and clearly the wave of the future of what our up and coming missionaries will probably look like. What a privilege it is to work alongside them! They have a very effective literacy program in place and donning my consultant's cap among them was a sheer joy. I did manage to give them a few suggestions that will hopefully help enrich their program AND make them feel the trip was indeed worth the time, effort and expense of getting me into Pei land.

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October 2016


September is the month Wewak usually hosts a traditional cultural sing and dance festival. It’s a much anticipated highlight which, to our chagrin, didn’t happen this year. Instead we were privileged to be spectators at other local events. Attending the ceremony celebrating PNGs 41st anniversary as an independent nation was one enjoyable
venture. The all-day drizzle did little to dampen anyone’s spirits. And who knew! The town’s Police band actually boasts bagpipes! My wee bit of Scottish blood from some 10 generations ago was highly enthused!

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