February 2013

Look out, folks, I’m entering the web era! Though usually the last to acquire any newfangled gadget or anything most consider necessities in this electronic era, I admit thoughts of a “web site” crossed my mind. Crossed it and were dismissed as immediately as high speed internet performs. At least until folks started pointedly asking, “Where’s your web site?” Their asking nudged me toward investigating getting set up – but I didn’t have a clue how or where to even start. Bev, a friend in Australia then prodded me further by providing the e-address for “Laurie” – a tech savvy person at MMOL (My Missionary On-Line) who would set one up for me!

Wow! After finally downloading an instruction sheet of what info was desired for including in such a site, the project went immediately to the bottom of my “to-do” list. Even from there though God kept reminding me I was neglecting His prompting…. MMOL has done a beautiful job putting together my info, so please look around my site to read about how God has used me on the mission field. Thank you, MMOL, for shepherding me onto the web! I do hope, at some point, to add more pictures and maybe even a page of the history of the Iwam work, former co-workers, etc. I’ll get on to that -- eventually …..

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January 2013


Don’t you love it when God gives you a verse to hang on to thru the year?  Guess He knew how much I was needing one for this era!  Sometimes life seems hard.  Uncertain.  Grueling with challenges.  I say this knowing that, as life goes, I have it easy compared to many of you!  I live in the “express lane” with 8 items or less in my basket of “concerns!”  Still, heading into the new year, God knew I needed something refreshing to hang on to, so He gave me one of those “mind boggling” times with Himself! -- Christmas morning I followed my favored holiday tradition for when I’m “home alone” and listened to Handel’s Messiah, looking up the verses that inspired each song.

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