November 2017

The invitation from the Mibu (me-boo) people group was to do a teacher’s training course in the trade language, Melanesian Pidgin English, so they could reach other people groups beyond their language borders. Other people had seen changes in their lives and they wanted to hear the message that changed them. 45 people were expected, but there were over 100 people there to observe what was going on. God used three of His faithful servants to travel 3 days in each direction. When someone mentioned there would be a 2 day hike involved, I opted out.Smile


Enoch Paul Mark

On their way back, the Lord opened the door for them to catch a flight on our mission airplane which saved them an 8-hour bus trip on very bad roads.

Thank God for their sacrifice and enduring hardships for the Gospel.

If you are interested in donating towards helping men like these to get out to remote places to train people, send us an email and I can give you details of how to send it.

Our calendars for next year are filling up with requests to hold training sessions around the country. It seems like things are just mushrooming. We’re praying for God to raise up more volunteer teachers so the workload can be spread out a bit.

We are looking forward to a little time away in our capital, Port Moresby. Two weeks will be for R and R and one week will be to renew contacts down there and make some new ones. We are hearing great reports about God’s Word being faithfully taught around the city. Many are getting saved and being grounded in the Word.

We wish all of you Americans a wonderful Thanksgiving. It isn’t celebrated over here, in fact, there aren’t any turkeys to buy.


Jim & Kathy, Papua New Guinea


Thank you for your interest in the Tanner's ministry. They appreciate your prayers and support. Their field address is P.O. Box 1079, Goroka, EHP, Papua New Guinea. You can contact them by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Financial gifts should be sent to New Tribes Mission, 1000 E First St, Sanford, FL 32771-1487. Checks should be made out to New Tribes Mission with a notation saying "for Jim & Kathy Tanner."

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