December 2016


WOW, YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much for standing with us ALL YEAR and THROUGH THE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have an urgent prayer request: Our grandson DiMaggio, who is only 2½, has had chest problems since he was only a few months old. The last three winters and even when it is not winter, he has problems. He was in the hospital with pneumonia and high fever over the weekend. They call it RSV – Respiratory Syncytial Virus – scary when your little one (any one) cannot breath properly Frown Please be praying for his body to heal completely and the medical team caring for him, and for our daughter Esther and husband Ricky during this time, and ongoing times!!!!!!!!!!!!!


November 30th I saw my surgeon and she said at this point in time, I am cancer free Smile She would like to see my hemoglobin level get higher, so I am working on that! December 1st I had my last oncology treatment HIP HIP HOORAY!! Then on December 6th I saw my General Practitioner who is helping me work through continuing side effects. We are sooo thankful for good medical help! In some ways this past year has been structured with treatments which has been a help. I have been told – and believe it – that the next six months (not being structured) are not easy with my body trying to heal and get my strength back. I am impatient and want consistent energy and strength. I want to feel normal again (whatever normal is!), and would appreciate your prayers for patience, and to listen to my body when it says sleep, slow down, and do not overdo things! NOT EASY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday we had a phone call from the hospital in Orlando to organize having my port taken out as I DO NOT NEED IT ANY MORE!! That will be done this Friday at 7am. Thank you sooo much for your continued prayers!

How exciting it is to hear reports of unbelievers around the world desiring to be taught God’s Word from Creation to Christ, and many putting their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior, and believers growing!

Our grandson Jayden has been appreciating his time in Papua New Guinea. He returns to Australia on January 3rd. He really appreciates your prayers!

How thankful we are for the Royal Volunteers arriving who are such a BIG HELP over the winter time here at our retirement center. Without them, soooooo many jobs needing to be done, are not able to be done. They are SUCH A BLESSING – both husbands and wives !!!! Please be praying for their safety as they labor here for the Lord. Please also pray for more needed permanent staff here.

At this SPECIAL TIME of the year, we rejoice in the BIRTH of our SAVIOR!!!!! May your hearts be filled with His Joy and this coming year to be an encouraging one for you!

We have always been able to send out, by snail mail, Christmas cards and letters, but our energy level is really low at this time so are unable to do that now. We have more doctor appointments over the next two weeks and are getting ready to fly to Kansas on the 19th for Christmas with our son Ray and Janelle and their family. My oncologist said that will be like a dose of medicine Smile Thank you for understanding.

Charlie & Cherrie

Cherrie’s Musings: A while back I mentioned how music has played a BIG part in encouraging my heart this past year. With our emphasis this month being on the birth of our Savior I love the song
“In Christ alone my Hope is found."
I am also reminded of Luke 1:47 “And my Spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.”
Truly our only TRUE HOPE is IN CHRIST ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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