February 2, 2013

Dear Team Members,

Greetings from us Cases who are unpacking our cases! With over 11,400 miles behind us we are getting settled and are now, at times, enjoying temperatures in the high 70’s and not freezing weather like it was up north!  Last night it got down to around 50 degrees, but that’s not bad!  Two weeks ago before we arrived in Atlanta, we drove through a horrible blizzard with about 12 inches of snow.  The highway was not being plowed as it was peak hour traffic, semi-trucks were stuck, one of our windshield wipers looked like it was going to snap off, and constant prayers were going up!  Though we could not get up the hill to the motel in Hillsville, VA, Charlie was able to sort of turn around and head back down the hill so we could go through two restaurant parking lots and eventually get up to the motel :o)  Now safe and warm, for supper we enjoyed snacks and cereal we had with us :o)  It did look like a winter wonderland in the end :o)  Charlie did not call it that!  The next morning about 14 minutes after we were on the road there was no snow on the ground!


Oh How thankful we are for your prayers as we have traveled so many miles!  We wish we could have seen many more folk, but our health was giving out.  We are so thankful for safety on the road as we traveled through 32 States plus Ontario, Canada.  January 7th we left New England for Pennsylvania to see more Team Members. 

On January 17th we traveled to Atlanta and on January 28th drove to Thomasville, Georgia to see Charlie’s Mom before continuing on to Florida.  That day was a long day but we were home by night time, a few weeks earlier than expected.  We are both really tired.  On top of washing clothes, grocery shopping, trying to settle in, on Wednesday Charlie had a dental appointment for a broken tooth.  As it turned out he needs a cap on it so will have that done next week.  

Prayer Points:  For better health for ourselves and for the days ahead as we face a ‘New Season” of our lives.  Cherrie’s back and legs really bother her, but is trusting as we get more exercise that will get better.  For good health for our daughter Esther and her family who, like so many others, have been sick this winter.  For our son Ben, in Australia, whose job with Qantas is shaky.  For Ben’s children who started a new school year this week at a new school - Jayden year 8, Ashton year 6, Llahna year 5, and Kyan year 1.

Praise Point:  Our son Raymond’s wife Janelle’s back operation went well and she is doing so much better.  Thank you all for your prayers for her.

You are still all a vital part of our lives and ministry.  Even though we are considered in retired status, we know the Lord will give us His Strength and make clear areas He wants us to be involved in.

2012 flew by and here it is the end of January 2013.  Traveling through Pennsylvania we saw so many farms.  We had to smile and want each of you to have “A Happy Moo Year” as one sign depicted!

What an AWSOME TRIP we had seeing soooo many folk!  We want to do a separate email “REFLECTIONS ON OUR TIME AWAY.”  You will have to wait, probably mid-month for that!

With our LOVE and APPRECIATION for you,

       Charlie & Cherrie

Trivia:  Odd to see signs labeled “Turtle Crossing” as we traveled in Massachusetts with snow all around us!

While traveling up north I saw a good size bird perched on a rock in a river where water was rushing over it.  The bird stood firm and not troubled by the rushing water.  We can stand firm as life’s circumstances try to overwhelm us when we stand firm on “THE ROCK - JESUS CHRIST!”


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