August 27, 2014

Dear Team Members, 

Our love to each of you from the Deep South and hot and humid Sanford, Florida!

Welcome to a New School Year! That sounds odd for us in our late 60’s, but it is the new school year for us “Teaching English as a Second Language” as an outreach as a volunteer! And the first time for us, so it is BACK TO SCHOOL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Charlie will be involved in two classes, one being literacy (reading and writing English) on Tuesday nights, which I know he will enjoySmile  Both of us will be involved in teaching English as a second language (speaking English) - Cherrie on Tuesday nights and Charlie on Wednesday mornings. We would appreciate your prayers for all of the staff involved (all volunteers). Up to this point in time there have been thirty seven countries represented as students! Not sure yet what countries will be represented this coming school year that starts on Tuesday September 2nd.


Cherrie continues to enjoy correcting the Bible Study papers, on Wednesday mornings, done by prisoners in our local area. Sometimes there are not many papers to correct so they are corrected every other week. It is encouraging to see the depth of understanding some of these prisoners have for the Word of God. It is sad, but we see a number of them returning to jail - it is like that is their comfort zone and they find it hard to live on the outside!!!!!!!!! It is such a joy when we hear of even one of them coming to know the Lord as their Savior and the change in their life Smile

Ricky and Esther (our daughter) have appreciated your prayers these last weeks with Ricky starting to work in the New York Prison system. The training did not work out for Ricky, and he is now back working at Lowes, and looking for another part time job to help with their financial situation. They would really appreciate your continued prayers. How thankful we are for you praying not only for us, but for our extended family Smile

This comes with our Love and Gratefulness for each one of you,

Charlie & Cherrie

Have a CHUCKLE with us as we traveled the roads and saw lots of license plates!


We thought we were back in Australia as we saw signs for “FALLEN ROCK ZONE” again!!!


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