April 29, 2016


There is a statement we have heard over the years: “GOD’s VERY RIGID RULE IS TO BE VERY FLEXIBLE!” For myself (Cherrie), I like to be organized, but lately that word has not been in our vocabulary!!!!


Originally my surgeon set June 9th for the mastectomy I need. Then last week, my oncologist said he talked with my surgeon and they were not going to wait until June for the operation, but it would be on May 19th, as they did not want to let too much time go by to let the cancer start up again. Well, on Tuesday I got a call from the surgeon’s office to say the date was now set for Thursday May 12th which is just two weeks away!!!!!!!!!! My mind was blown away - enough for my being organized Frown I now have four different doctor’s appointments next week working up to the operation, transported to these events by a GREAT CHAUFFEUR - Charlie Smile BUT MOST OF ALL, I have a GREAT GOD WHO IS IN CONTROL and is there to ENCOURAGE AND MEET MY HEART NEEDS. PLUS we have YOU ALL as our STRETCHER BEARERS WITHOUT WHICH WE WOULD GO UNDER!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for YOUR MOST IMPORTANT PART OF OUR LIVES! 

On May 10th, there is a Banquet for the students, who have been being taught English as a Second Language. Certificates will be given these students for their efforts. We will not be able to be there, but it will be a fun night for the staff and students and their families. They are so thankful for your prayers! Please continue to pray for them over the summer break, that they will continue practicing the English they have been learning, and for their hearts to be touched with the Love of Jesus Christ at Calvary for each of them.

Please continue to pray for the Volunteers correcting the Bible Study Papers, and for the prisoners who are doing the studies to draw close to the Lord! I also have a friend Dee, who has a weekly Bible Study at the local prison with women inmates. How encouraging it is to hear how the Lord is working in their hearts!! I know Dee would appreciate prayer as she prepares, and for the ladies, who attend, to be receptive to God’s Word!


Charlie & Cherrie

Wed. May 4-Thursday May 19th are the special dates regarding Cherrie's treatment. Please pray!

The MRI I had done on May 18th DID NOT SHOW ANY MORE CANCER - IT HAD ALL DISAPPEARED!!! BUT, the medical staff says there could be a small percentage left that is not showing. WE KNOW GOD KNOWS and IS IN CONTROL!

One BIG BLESSING is: My friend Teresa, who is going through cancer treatment, has a Christian friend who is a nurse where I will be having surgery. The BLESSING IS, SHE IS ON DUTY OVER NIGHT ON THE 12th!!


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