May 21, 2016

Dear Stretcher Bearers,

How thankful we are for your prayers with so much going on!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thursday, May 12th, I had a mastectomy in the morning.  All seemed to be going well, but early evening the surgery site was quite swollen, so the nurse phoned my surgeon, who came in and felt they needed to take me back to surgery again Frown She found a blood clot, and a bleeder, which she fixed.  I was back in my room around 2am, encouraged, and know it was because of all your prayers.  On Friday the 13th I needed a unit of blood, and came home later that day.  I call Lynne, the lovely Christian nurse on duty, my angel, and believe if she had not been so watchful, the next morning I may not have been alive!


On Wednesday the 18th I had my post op examination with my surgeon, Dr. Rahm.  She was really pleased with how everything is healing.  The drains are still draining so they won’t come out until this coming Wednesday.  The biopsy results were extremely good, but she said the oncologist will be the one to make final decision as to whether I need radiation treatment after I heal from the surgery.  Of course I am working with my cardiologist, who we are bringing into that decision!

On Thursday the 19th, I had more blood tests which they do each time I go for treatments.  The blood levels are getting better each time for which we are thankful.  I now go every three weeks for one infusion of Herceptin until December. 

Our computer has been acting up thus not a lot of news from us.  Of course this chemo fog does not help, and neither of us are sleeping the best so would appreciate prayer for better sleep!

Mother’s Day weekend we had a SUPRISE:  Our daughter Esther, from New York, flew in for the weekend and our son Ray, from Kansas, flew in!!!!  We so enjoyed having them here and just relaxing together.  Of course they keep saying keep your feet up and rest!

We were able to skype with our son Ben, in Australia, - all five of us which was fun!!!!!!!!  Ben received a phone call to ask him he would like to work at the military base again on planes.  Of course he said “YES” and just finished his first week back there.  Now he only has to travel 20 minutes to work one way – not an hour.  He can get a good night’s sleep and more time with family!

Please continue to pray for Esther and Ricky with them trying to get out of their commitments to their one bedroom apartment which is so crowded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR OUR DEAR THREE YEAR OLD FRIEND LILIANA WHO HAS LEUKEMIA!!!!!!!!!!  She and her sister Emma and family have so faithfully prayed for me and Charlie and now Liliana is going through chemo herself and all that involves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She and her family sure appreciate your prayers. 

AGAIN, thank you all so much for your continued prayers on our behalf!!

Lots of Love,

Cherrie & Charlie


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