June 2014

Quiet times of reflection and prayer. . . review and memorization of Ephesians . . driving . . . opportunity to meet with supporters I haven’t seen for 3 years . . . drinking coffee to stay awake (yes, me. Coffee). . . driving . . .different beds every night . . . traffic, traffic, traffic—people passing in the break-down lane . . .near side-swipes . . . driving, . . . beautiful scenery . . . singing . . .rolling hills, brilliant green leaves and manicured lawns . . . bright sunny days and brief downpours of rain . . . driving . . . good times with family members . . . dietary challenges while traveling and staying in people’s homes . . . meeting my great nephew for the first time . . . sharing the IBC update in homes and churches . . .driving . . .

These describe the past few weeks. I am so thankful to God for safety, for all my needs met, for encouraging visits and welcoming homes. I have traveled close to 3,000 miles so far and have most of the trip to go. I’m looking forward to seeing most of you if I haven’t already.

We closed out the semester with an amazing Student Ministry Showcase display of talent and ability, with a great commencement ceremony, and then several weeks of staff in-service. God has blessed.

Please pray for:

  • continued safety, in the Lord’s will,
  • opportunities to serve those who are serving me through being team members with me
  • sensitivity to the needs of those I stay with
  • effectiveness in providing updates.



Please enjoy these family pics!


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