October 2016

The inner needles the Ponderosa Pines are turning a rusty brown. Aspens have begun to display their golden glory and Rocky Mountain Maples burst into flaming red. I love this time of year when temperatures hover around freezing at night and warm up to a perfect 65 degrees during the day. I have been frequently overwhelmed by a sense of God’s great mercy and kindness toward me as I continue to bask in good health, great stamina and energy, the blessings of continued growth and development in my faith, and the deepening of relationships.


This first term has been blessed by seeing students make the effort to learn and grow. I’ve especially appreciated overseeing the History of North American History course. Students teach specific segments that interest them and/or relate to their personal backgrounds. The highlight for me so far was hearing one student conclude that he wouldn’t be here today except that God used some of the evil things in our history, such as the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, to preserve the lives of his ancestors. We’re seeing God’s hand in all aspects of our history, making it easier to trust Him with our present fears. God always bring ultimate good from evil!

We also enjoyed a recent visit from some New Zealand aboriginals. One of the students (Lakota) honored them and expressed our gratitude for their coming by sharing with each one a necklace he had crafted. This photo shows the oldest member’s response. What a beautiful moment!

October 18-20 we will be hosting a team of 6 individuals representing the Association of Biblical Higher Education. Please pray for favor as they evaluate our compliance with the documents we submitted in the spring and our readiness to move to the next level.

Pray also for continued growth for students and staff alike at IBC as we pursue Christlikeness.

Thank you, faithful supporters and partners, for walking with me on this journey.



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