March 2015

Greetings from the city in the Sonoran desert! We are enjoying a beautiful 60 degree day here in southeast Arizona.

Bart spent the last week of January in El Paso, Texas for UIM Aviation pilot meetings. The pilots from Mexico also attend. It was good to get together and discuss the flight program.

Pilots and mechanics at annual meeting in El Paso

In the upcoming weeks UIM Aviation will be doing a helicopter survey in central Mexico. Bart and a pilot friend from New Tribes will be flying the New Tribes helicopter to this area. While there, they will be using the helicopter to fly local pastors back out to their villages. We will be testing the helicopter at these higher elevations to see if it might be a good option in the future. Most of these villages are not accessible during the rainy season due to the rains washing out the airstrips.

These pastors desire to reach their own people, but are many times hampered by the lack of an airstrip available or the airstrip is not land-able with an airplane. This is where the helicopter could be a valuable tool in bringing the gospel deeper into the heart of the Mexican mountains!

Kim continues to help Bart with Blake. She also makes trips to McNeal to check on their house and get it ready to sell. Please pray with us that God would bring the right buyer along for our house. We are thankful to be able to stay with Blake in the place he is renting here in Tucson. We really do need to get into a bigger home to be able to function.

Thanks for praying! Blake continues to get stronger. He is doing well in school and therapy. However, this is not without some very hard days. We value your prayers for him and for us as we continue with his care. Here's the FB page if you have Facebook. If you do not have Facebook, you can google “Blake Haines” and then click on “Pray for Blake Haines/ Facebook” for the latest update.

Brandon is doing well at Bible School in Wisconsin. We are blessed to be able to see Kelly and Wesley almost every day as Kelly helps care for Blake. Wesley is such a joy to us all. Kortney is only about 3 ½ hours away in Flagstaff, so has been nice for her to be able to drive down some weekends, especially when she needs Dad to work on her car. We are so very blessed to have Kim’s parents not far away. They come and help with Blake when Bart needs to be gone overnight or just to give us a break. This is such a big help to us, especially to Bart as it allows him to get some nights of uninterrupted sleep.

THANK YOU for your partnership! Pray for us to RUN this race well that God has put before us. Even though we do not understand the reason….may we learn to TRUST Him!

Sending our love from Tucson……..

Under the Same Wing,

Bart & Kim


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