History & Past Missionary Work

How it all began...

Brad was born in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and was raised on a small farm just east of Hancock, Maryland. He attended and graduated from the New Tribes Bible Institute located in Jackson, Michigan.

Wanda was born in Adrian, Michigan and was raised in a small community located on Devil's Lake not far from Addison, Michigan. She attended and graduated from the New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, Michigan.

Both Wanda and Brad attended the New Tribes Missionary Training Center in Rochester, Pennsylvania and that is where they met in the fall of 1979. They were married in the spring of 1980 at Wanda's then home church, Manitou Beach Bible Church in Manitou Beach, Michigan. The Hulls then went on to complete both the New Tribes Missionary training and the New Tribes Language School training.

During the latter part of Missionary training, they felt the Lord's call to serve Him in Thailand. When the training in the United States was completed in 1981, the Hulls traveled to Thailand in the fall of 1982. They were required to spend their first year in Thailand studying the Thai language. While doing so, they felt the Lord calling them to serve in Thailand.



Thai ministry

The Lord directed Brad and Wanda to the village in Thailand.

The Hulls built a house and began making friends. Settling in was challenging as the village lacked electricity, water and many other conveniences they were accustomed to.

After working in Thailand for about two years, Brad contracted Tropical Sprue. This is a disease that affects very few foreigners and causes the digestive system to cease functioning. This results in weight loss and a complete loss of energy. Even when the diarrhea caused by the disease clears up, the low energy levels still exist. This low energy level can last anywhere from 5 years to the rest of the life of the affected person. There is no cure and the doctors do not even know the cause. The most common advice is, "leave the tropics and never return." That is the advice that the Hulls received.

After living and working in Thailand for about 3 years and 8 months, the Hulls took a medical furlough. The medical furlough lasted for a year and a half. Although it helped some, the effects of the disease were still present. Still, there was peace that the Lord wanted the Hulls to head back to Thailand. Brad's energy level was running at about 60% of normal.

During the next 3 years in Thailand, Brad experienced almost no energy during the hot season, but was able to function at about 60%-70% of normal the rest of the year.

Brad and Wanda, returned to the US, their future uncertain and their hearts broken. They were desperately seeking physical, mental and spiritual healing from the Lord. During that time, the Lord did provide spiritual and mental healing. The physical ailment still remains and is there for the purpose of conformation to His image.

After much prayer, the Lord opened doors for the Hulls to work in Papua New Guinea in a support ministry.



Support ministry

The Hulls began their support work in Papua New Guinea at the Mission Center in the highlands of PNG. Due to Brad's health concerns, this seemed to be the ideal place for him to work. The climate there has been described as "perpetual spring" by many and was the perfect climate for Brad. There are many needs for support workers on just about every field and a tribal ministry just demanded too much energy from Brad. Their new role at the mission center was in the "Store & Tribal Supply Department."

The Hulls worked at the Mission Supply Store for the first year until they were requested to consider other ministries. The Mission Center is also the location of the Missionary Kids (MK) School, Numonohi Christian Academy. The school was losing its preschool teacher and, although Wanda is not a trained teacher, she is especially gifted with small children. She began working in that ministry as well as teaching Bible classes to second graders.

Brad was moved to the Headquarters Finance Office where he was, to some degree, trained to do bookkeeping and accounting. This is an important role as all the missionary's finances come through this office and the PNG government requires a yearly report on each missionary. Brad was able to use his computer skills to keep the finances well organized. During their first term in PNG, Brad constructed a number of spreadsheets and manuals and reorganized office procedures. He then trained nationals to do various office jobs so he could take on different jobs in the Finance Office.

During their second term in PNG, Brad's main duty was Accounts Payable for New Tribes Mission of Papua New Guinea. This was a time intensive and detail oriented job. Brad computerized this job and turned a two-person job into a position that is now handled by one person. These changes laid the necessary groundwork so that Brad's replacement was ready to take over when NTM changed its accounting program. Brad then became the full-time "Mission Mailman." This job involved making 3 trips to town per week, then sorting and distributing the mail for about 250 missionary families and individuals. In addition, he was responsible for providing petty cash, postage stamps and others services to the missionaries as needed. Brad also streamlined procedures, improved the appearance of the Finance Office's lobby and organized his office before his departure.

Wanda was busy teaching kindergarten and helping "bush mothers" get their kids ready for the classroom when they were old enough. She also taught a literacy class for national ladies.

The Hulls returned again to PNG for a half-term, but following the Lord's will, they left PNG to pursue a new ministry, for them, in Sanflord, Florida. You can read about that decision and what they are doing now here.

The Hull's have completed 5 ½ terms of overseas service - each term lasting 4 years (a ½ term = 2 years). 2 of those terms were in Thailand and 3 ½ in Papua New Guinea. Praise to the Lord for His faithfulness throughout it all.


Brad's e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Wanda's email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mailing address: 252 Brazil Court, Sanford, FL 32771

New Tribes Mission address is 1000 E. First St., Sanford, FL 32771-1487. Any donations can be made out to New Tribes Mission, and specified for Brad and Wanda Hull's account.

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