Prayer & Praise

General Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for the Lord’s enabling for Malcolm and Tom and others who help check translation to be able to complete the New Testament revision, the translation of Old Testament portions and lesson books.
  2. Praise the Lord that the His people have generously given money for the printing of the revised Hamtai New Testament, and we surpassed our goal of $75,000. There is now nearly $80,000 in the account. We hope also to print Old Testament portions that could equal a third the size of the New Testament.
  3. Pray regarding the shortage of translation consultants. There are many missionaries in different tribes needing to have their work checked.
  4. Pray for continued health for Corinne and Tom and for Malcolm and Meriai so that we can complete these tasks.
  5. Our discipleship ministry among the Hamtai people is very limited now. We would love to be nearer the people, but the pressure to get the translation projects done demands that we focus on that. However, please pray that what contacts we do have with them will be an encouragement to church leaders and their churches, some of whom are still young and struggling.
  6. Our present ministry is intense and at times can be tedious. However, the thrill of expressing God’s living Word in another language keeps us pressing on. Pray that our walk with the Lord will keep us daily empowered with all diligence and perseverance, “redeeming the time."
  7. For the Hamtai churches, that they might:
    • Be receiving good teaching and be growing in grace,
    • Be practicing discipleship within their churches,
    • Have a renewed burden for evangelism in the interior parts of their language group and neighboring tribes.
  8. For all our children and grandchildren to continue to follow the leading of the Lord in their lives.

Additional Prayer and Praise points for December 2009

  1. Pray for the men on the translation revision team that they will remain committed until the work is finished.
  2. Pray the church will help the team with their travel, food and other expenses.
  3. Pray that interruptions will be kept to a minimum so that we can meet our goals.
  4. Pray that our computers and other equipment will function properly.
  5. Pray for health for us and for all the team members. Malaria is a constant concern.
  6. Pray for cooperation of fellow villagers to answer the comprehension questions and reveal what is clear or how a passage could be made even more clear.
  7. Pray for Tom’s mother (who will be 98 on Christmas day 2009). She is presently recovering from double pneumonia. She would like to go to her Savior, but we hope she will hang in there until we finish and can join her in Nevada.

You can be a part of Tom and Corinne's work. Though they are semi-retired, they can still be helped by your prayers and interest and financial support if you are led to help in that way. It is a trying and stressful ministry at times and they would deeply appreciate your involvement in their lives.

Their e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can write to them at 416 Greenland Ct.; Sanford, FL 32771

New Tribes Mission has changed their name to Ethnos360. The mission address is now


312 W. First Street

Sanford, FL 32771

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