Fall Update 2014

“And Abraham called the name of that place The Lord Will Provide, as it is said to this day, “In the mount of the Lord it will  be provided.”

Genesis 22:14

Greetings from Long Beach, Washington! Our arrival  was in late August in this coastal town in the very  southwest corner of the state. Our trip from Sanford to  the west went well. Enjoyable visits with family in Arizona and Washington. Nice to hold those grandkids!


We are now driving a new car, which was purchased for us by some dear folks who have been a great encouragement to us in many ways through the years.Smile  We are thankful! In the photo above Diann is standing by our car with majestic Mount Rainier in the background.  

What a blessing to be here on the peninsula and begin to reconnect with friends and family. The last time we  lived in the area was 38 years ago. Diann is enjoying special times with her Mom and has been able to offer  assistance in a variety of ways. Also, it is relaxing to hear the sound of the nearby surf at the end of the day.

Skilled men from Ocean Park Community Church have given of time, energy and resources to finish out the room for our remote NTM Connection Center Office. All that is left to be done is to lay the floor and we will be  able to move our equipment into the room. Thank you gentlemen! Also, our thanks go out to family members  who joined in with time and resources to see this project move ahead. When considering the work of taking  the gospel to remote people it requires a team effort and  we definitely have seen that through the years and  especially in recent days.

In the midst of all of the activity I’ve been connected remotely with the office in Sanford and carrying on with normal duties. It is good to receive emails and photos from missionaries whom we have coached through the  process of becoming associate members with NTM. As  a matter of fact we continue to stay in touch and pray for these dear folks who are serving the Lord in different locations around the world.

Thank you for your prayers for us as we traveled and for the resources to set up our office. God has answered  your prayers. He answers prayer in many different ways and especially through his people! As always your  partnership through prayer and finance in the ministry of reaching remote people groups with the gospel of  Jesus Christ is deeply appreciated.

Praise the Lord!

By His grace alone, Dave & Diann 


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