Autumn update 2015


We recently toured a historic site in eastern Washington. It is called the B Reactor which is sitting alone n a near desert like region. The building itself is somewhat non-descript from the outside but in the interior one begins to understand what this structure is all about and the monumental work that was accomplished in an incredibly short period of time. The Manhattan Project ushered in the atomic age, for better or for worse.

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June 2015

Pau is a Hawaiian word meaning finished or done. My mother Ellen Yunker was raised in Hawaii on the big island and during those years she learned to speak Hawaiian and Japanese. Last month mom fell suffering a broken shoulder and hip which resulted in her being transported to St. Peter’s hospital in Olympia where she spent the final week of her remarkable life. During her time in the hospital, we would give mom water and when her thirst was satisfied she would say, “Pau”. Her life on this earth is Pau but she has left behind a wonderful legacy. Please click on this link to see a history of her life.

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